10 Fun And Creative Ways To Celebrate Mom This Year

One day a year isn’t enough to honor the most important people in our lives—moms deserve to be showered with love 24/7, 365. But when Mother’s Day comes around, it’s the time to go all-out with festive meals, fun family activities and gifts galore.

With Mother’s Day 2022 just around the corner, we’re as excited as ever to share some creative ways to celebrate motherhood and all the amazing mom figures in our lives. Whether they’re your biological mother, grandmother, a mother figure, mentor and more, this day is meant for celebrating all their hard work and dedication to being a mother. Our list of thoughtful and fun things to do on Mother’s Day is guaranteed to acknowledge her in a way that’s as special and amazing as she is.

Plan a Crafternoon

The best gifts are the ones from the heart, which is why Mom still has that beloved macaroni necklace from your elementary school days, safe and secure. This Mother’s Day take the time to make her a personalized gift. She will love that you took the time and effort in creating a one-of-a-kind gift specially made for her.

There are plenty of craft projects you can make to show how much you care. From timeless treasures like scrapbooks to more advanced crafts like homemade bath bombs and jewelry, spending quality time creating something will make this Mother’s Day one to remember.

Take a Hike

Mom is a busy lady with a to-do list a mile long. Help her get back in touch with nature by spending some time in the great outdoors. Whether it’s a woodland hike or just a lap around the block, take in springtime weather, together. Plan the perfect Mother’s Day around your walk complete with a picnic lunch. It can help ease any stress she may be feeling—research suggests nature walks outside can mitigate the negative effects of stress and have additional positive mental health benefits. She’ll feel the endorphin rush for the rest of the day!

Go Antiquing

Retail therapy is a relaxing activity for many a Mom, but why not be a little more adventurous and spend the morning browsing a local flea market or strip of antique shops? Just looking at all those vintage items may spark some old family memories, fresh DIY ideas, or some future decor inspiration. Not only are they full of rare vintage gems, but they are also perfect for upcycling and reducing your carbon footprint!

Plan a Photoshoot 

How many times have you heard Mom say she wished she could stop time? In a sense, a family photoshoot does just that. What’s a better memory than a family photo? Hire a photographer to take pictures you’ll enjoy for years to come. The more generations of moms, the better! And if you don’t want to spend any money? Set up a tripod, and have your own photoshoot.

Make a Gift Basket of Her Favorites

Looking for a celebration as unique as Mom? Gather a handful of smaller gifts and create your own gift basket. Be sure to include some of her favorite foods and drinks, beauty products, a candle, flowers, giftcards and perhaps some personal touches such as printed photographs, notes, memories, etc. Once you have gathered everything, it’s time to arrange it in a nice basket. Finish it off with a meaningful card and, voila! You’ll end up with a customized gift filled to the brim with little surprises.

Pro Tip: Reuse a planting pot as the basket and include a packet of her favorite perennial flower seeds, gloves and a trowel. You can plant them together and she’ll think of you every time they bloom!

Pamper Her

A little rest and relaxation would be great for her physical and emotional health. Whether you book a spa session at the nearby salon or DIY at-home spa. Offering a relaxing massage, refreshing facial, pedicure, and manicure is best to pamper your mom on Mother’s Day. It will give her some much-needed me-time and make her skin glow. You can turn the master bathroom into an oasis of tranquility with some candles, essential oils, music, and a little ambiance. A full hour (or three!) of peace will have Mom feeling renewed and refreshed.

Go Back In Time

Whether this involves digitizing old VHS tapes or getting video files off your phone and onto the TV, dig into the family archives and host a home-movie marathon. Go all out, make some popcorn, get her favorite snacks, and let the movies do the talking. She’ll get emotional seeing how much everyone has grown.

Cook a Family Recipe

Every family has a recipe that gets passed down from generation to generation. Celebrate Mother’s Day by revisiting the secrets to Grandma’s famous pie or Mom’s favorite lasagna she used to make when you were a kid. Take it one step further by setting the table and doing the dishes. Afterward, make sure she writes the recipe down for you, too.

Create a Butterfly Garden

This is the gift that keeps on giving—Mom will love spending the day in the garden with you and will always be reminded of it when she sees her plants grow, and butterflies booming. Butterfly gardens are not only beautiful, but they also act as pollinator gardens. Bees and butterflies flock to certain flowers; as they move pollen from plant to plant, they perform an essential task that nature needs to thrive. Here are some key plants to purchase to begin a beautiful butterfly garden with the Mom in your life:

  1. Bee Balm
  2. Coneflower
  3. Joe Pye Weed
  4. Butterfly Milkweed
  5. Goldenrod
  6. Elderberry

Turn Off The Phones for Quality Time

It’s one of those clichés that’s true: The best Mother’s Day gift you can give to your mom is your time. Having smart technology constantly at our fingertips has changed the way we celebrate each other. Instead of scrolling through the endless “Happy Mother’s Day” posts, notifications, and texts flooding your phone, try spending true, distraction-free, quality time with Mom. This year get the whole family to turn off their smartphones, and other devices…for the entire day. That’s right we said it. The entire day.

It will allow you to be fully present celebrating how much Mom means to you, along with the people that matter most. Unplugging is not only good for your physical health, but face-to-face human interaction is good for the soul, and disconnecting, even just for one day, can be fantastic for your mental health.

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