4 Items That Will Make Cleaning Your Kitchen Actually Enjoyable

If you’ve got a date with your bucket of cleaning supplies soon, continue reading. We’ve gathered a few fun (and green!) cleaning items that will make cleaning your kitchen actually more enjoyable.

Smart Sponges

These sponges make us honestly enjoy doing the dishes more. What makes a sponge smart? Well, the fact that it is made from natural materials, usually plants, is biodegradable and works just as well as a traditional sponge. If you haven’t already made the switch, we promise you that you won’t even notice a difference—except maybe in the color because most of these convey their earth-friendliness through being tones of brown and green instead of bright yellow.

Spa-Worthy Smells

Yes! Sniffing an enjoyable smell rather than what’s at the bottom of the sink, trash or any of those traditional harsh chemicals that burn your nose makes cleaning 100% more enjoyable. If you like oranges and the smell of citrus, you’ll love Boulder Clean’s All Purpose Cleaner. For mint-maniacs, try a spritz of our Glass + Surface Cleaner on your windows and sealed surfaces. Top it all off with the wonderfully refreshing (seriously the most spa worthy of all) Lavender Vanilla fragrance in our Granite + Stainless Cleaner.

Glam Gloves

Protect those hands of yours by sliding them into something you’ve splurged on—okay, except it’s not a splurge really because they aren’t that expensive—but splurge in the sense of picking ones you feel are cute! Not only will your hands be saved from touching every piece of trash, food or dirty dish as you clean, but the gloves can be cleaned and cleaned again for extended use in your home. If you’re not a glove-person, we would challenge you to try using a pair the next time you get after a sink full of dishes, or scrub the grout on your tile floor until it’s back to the shade it should be.

Colorful Cloths

Ooo, let us tell you. If there is one thing that can get our eyes and hearts excited about cleaning—it’s a colorful cleaning cloth. We know it may sound silly, but catching a glimpse of a new dish towel hanging over the sinks edge or from the handle on the oven quite simply just makes us smile. We should mention this only happens when the rest of the entire kitchen is spotless clean, as well. But hey, that’s where this tool comes in extra handy. If your family uses a ton of paper towels, (which is OK, for the most part paper towels are compostable so just make sure you’re disposing of them properly) then try switching over to designated cleaning cloths for a few of your cleaning tasks. It will go a LONG way since you can wash and rewash these handy tools.

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