7 Germy Hotspots You Might Be Neglecting

Add These To Your Cleaning Routine ASAP!

It’s easy to remember to clean the more important parts of your home, the bathroom, bedrooms, kitchen…but what about the easy-to-forget spots? We’ve compiled a list of 7 germy hotspots that you might be neglecting during your regular cleaning routine!

Light Switches 

When we think of high-touch surfaces we often think of door handles, sink handles, appliances and more, but one ultra high-touch surface many forget about, is light switches! Chances are, everyone in your household and even your guests will touch a light switch a few times during the day, making them home to a lot of dirt, germs, bacteria and even viruses! So, add light switches to your list of spots to disinfect every week. The easiest way to clean your light switches is to spray Boulder Clean Disinfecting Spray on a rag or microfiber cloth and gently wipe away any dirt and debris. Make sure you do not spray directly on to the switch, and try your best to ensure no liquid seeps in it, this will prevent any electrical issues and corrosion. Remember, even if your light switch doesn’t look grimy, chances are it’s still germ-riddled, so wipe it down regularly, no matter how clean it looks.

Indoor Plants

It definitely seems like an odd one but whether they’re real or fake, indoor plants, like the rest of your home will collect dust, dirt and yes, even germs over time. If you have fake plants, dust them. If they are exceptionally dirty you can take them to your shower and give them a quick rinse or even wipe them down with disinfectant. If you have real plants, you can give them a gentle clean with a small spray bottle filled with water, a quick wipe with damp rag or paper towel, or even dust them with a soft duster brush.


Your phone is another super high-touch surface that needs to be regularly cleaned, but often gets neglected. Phones are germ hotspots simply because of where we take our phones and how often we use them. To put it plainly— if you don’t clean your phone, you quite literally push germs against your face, on a daily basis! To safely clean your phone, remove it from it’s case, spray a little disinfectant on a microfiber cloth, and gently wipe the front, back, sides and buttons of your phone. When you’re cleaning your phone, be sure that your cloth isn’t too wet (it should only be slightly damp), and try to avoid any openings or ports on your phone!

Wallets & Purses

Like phones, we all regularly use our wallets and purses, and typically take them everywhere. Our purses and wallets naturally collect germs, dirt and even bacteria over time. So, like most things, your purses and wallets need regular cleaning. If you have a cloth wallet or purse, it should be safe to toss in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry. If your purse or wallet is leather it will need to be hand cleaned. The best way to clean your leather purses and wallets is to use warm water, a microfiber cloth and a little Boulder Clean Liquid Dish Soap. Simply combine warm water and dish soap, dip your cloth into the solution, and wipe the leather. After you’ve wiped your leather clean, take another cloth and wipe dry. If you have high-end purses or wallets, you can use leather cleaner in addition to the soapy water.

Vacuum Cleaner

Naturally, most don’t even thing about needing to clean the item they’re using to clean their home! Make sure you clean your vacuum, ideally after every use. Using disinfectant and a microfiber cloth, clean your vacuum handles, buttons and hoses. Regularly empty your vacuum, clean the dust cups, accessories and filters, and if your vacuum has a bag make sure you replace it regularly or shake it out, rinse and dry it if it’s reusable.

Shower Curtains

It’s easy to forget about cleaning your shower curtains, but because they are regularly exposed to moisture they can have high germ, mold, mildew and bacteria build up. The easiest way to clean your shower curtains, regardless of whether they’re cloth, plastic or vinyl, is to toss them in the washing machine with a few towels and Boulder Clean Power Plus Laundry Detergent. If your shower curtains are heavily soiled, you can always pretreat them with a laundry stain remover, like Boulder Clean Oxi-Smart Stain Remover.


If you use your microwave on a regular basis, don’t forget it needs to be cleaned often, both inside and out! Over time your microwave handle and buttons will see a build up of grime, and the interior will likely have a build of of food splatter, crumbs, and even unpleasant smells! To clean your microwave use Boulder Clean Disinfectant or All Purpose Cleaner. While cleaning the exterior, if you’re concerned about liquid seeping into the buttons, you can spray disinfectant directly on a cloth, and then wipe it down. For the interior, you can spray directly on to the bottom surface. For the top and sides, it’s best to spray on a cloth first, before wiping up stains and splatters. Most importantly, make sure you’ve wiped all the disinfectant out of your microwave, and that it is fully dry before using.

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