Boulder Clean Is NEXTY Award Finalist At Expo West 2017

Boulder Clean, a 1908 Brands company and 2016 EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year, has been announced as a New Hope Media NEXTY Award Finalist for the launch of the new Boulder Clean Dishwasher Detergent Power Packs. The product in the Boulder Clean 100% recyclable stand-up pouch.

We are thrilled to say the least!

The Boulder Clean Dishwashing Detergent Power Packs naturally power through stuck on food. The 100% recyclable stand-up pouch contains 48 dose-control packs.

1908 Brands believes single dose units will continue to grow in popularity as people look for convenient ways to use powerful natural cleaning supplies.

Boulder Clean was named both EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year and B Corp’s Best for the Environment in 2016.

“We work tirelessly to formulate the most environmentally friendly, non–toxic and plant-based products for you and your family – and we’re particularly proud of our formula for our Dishwasher Detergent Power Packs!” says Carly Marriott.

Phosphates in detergent are banned in the U.S. due to their negative impact on water quality. Boulder Clean uses a sustainable, sugar-derived and patented ingredient which is a safe replacement for phosphates. This allows meet the highest performance standards and has proven to work as well as leading non-natural national brands (Cascade Complete® & Finish®) in 3rd party testing.

“We choose to package this product in a 100% recyclable flexible pouch. Our Dishwasher Detergent Power Pack bags are recyclable at grocery store drop-offs and our package includes the Sustainable Packaging Coalition How2Recycle label to divert packaging waste from the landfill and increase post-consumer recycling yields,” says Carly Marriott, product developer of the packs.

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