Clean Your Bathroom In 10 Minutes

Cleaning the bathroom isn’t high on most people’s list of favorite chores. But here’s some good news: With just three products, three tools, and a little strategy, you can get your bathroom clean in 10 minutes. TEN MINUTES! With such little time and effort, the satisfaction of having a sparkling clean bathroom is well worth it. Here’s how we do it.

Get the right products and tools.

The 3 Products You Need:

Boulder Clean Foaming Bathroom Cleaner
Boulder Clean Glass + Surface Cleaner
Boulder Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner

BoulderClean Foaming Bathroom Cleaner is…..well, a foaming bathroom cleaner that will cut through the kind of grime and buildup that typically soils a bathroom—toothpaste spit, soap scum, residue from hairspray, etc—without a whole lot of scrubbing on your end. (The fast-acting foam is specially formulated to do the scrubbing!). You can even spray on grout, then allow to penetrate for 10 to 15 minutes before wiping with clean water to remove the residue.

Our Glass + Surface Cleaner is so clutch in a bathroom because it serves as both a glass and chrome cleaner, so you can use it to polish mirrors and faucets, and also as an all-purpose cleaner that can be safely used on countertop materials from corian and laminate to granite. No scrubbing needed – just spray and wipe!

The thick gel formula of BoulderClean Toilet Bowl Cleaner coats the bowl above and below the waterline while leaving a clean, fresh scent of bergamot & eucalyptus.

The 3 Tools You Need:

Strong paper towels. We like Viva Multi-Surface Cloth.

Microfiber Scrub Cloth. This set from Casabella is textured on one side for scratch free scrubbing and soft on the other for drying, polishing and buffing.

A sturdy toilet brush. Try OXO Good Grips Hideaway. Its smart, ergonomic design and excellent build quality make it our top pick.

Start to Scrub

Squirt about 6 oz. of Boulder Clean Toilet Cleaner under and around rim. Scrub entire bowl. Let sit for 5-10 minutes.

Spray Foaming Bath Cleaner

Spray Boulder Clean bathroom cleaner in your tub, sink and shower. Foaming Bath is going to be your workhorse. Just spray and apply a thin layer of the cleaner to the tub, the sink basin and surrounding surface area. Once you’ve applied the Foaming Bath, give the product three to five minutes to penetrate surface grime.

Mirrors and Surfaces

While the Foaming Bath does its thing, wipe down your mirror and exterior of your toilet with Glass + Surface Cleaner Spray a wad of paper towels with the Glass + Surface Cleaner and start by polishing the mirror. Then use the same paper towels to clean the toilet. You’ll start by wiping the top of the tank, then work your way down. Don’t forget the flushing handle since it’s one of the areas we touch the most. When you get to the seat, be sure to flip it and thoroughly clean the underside, spraying more surface cleaner there. With the seat still flipped up, wipe down the space between the bowl and the tank. End by wiping the pedestal and floor area around the toilet. (Note: you can also use the Foaming Bathroom Cleaner to tidy-up the toilet exterior)

The Wipe Down

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the Foaming Bath off your sink, shower and tub.

The combination of microfiber and the Foaming Bath is going to make short work of blasting through soap scum and buildup: The foaming cleaner will break down a lot of the mess before it’s even time to scrub it away, and the microfiber is designed to pick up more residue than cotton or terry cloth rags. Wet the cloth, and wipe away the Foaming Bath. Use the scrubby side of the cloth for stubborn patches of buildup, typically on the sides of the tub and around drains. Rinse the cloth frequently while you work, so that both the cloth and the water are working in tandem to wash away the cleaner.

Flush and Done!

Flush the Toilet, and you’re done—clean bathroom! Hopefully the knowledge that 10 minutes, three products, three tools, and a little strategy is all you need to make cleaning your bathroom a little less dreadful will encourage you do it more regularly…maybe, once a week or at least once every other week.

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