Cleaning With Conscience

What is Conscious Cleaning?

It’s about integrity and intentionality. Conscious cleaning. It’s a buzzword that’s been discussed increasingly over the last few years as we’ve become more mindful about consumption. But what does the term mean? Like “clean” and “sustainable,” conscious cleaning doesn’t have a set definition.

At Boulder Clean, we’ve adopted the philosophy that it’s about applying a more thoughtful approach to our cleaning routines. It involves taking a closer look at a brand’s actions and core beliefs to ensure they align with our values. 

Our Values

Inclusivity: Representation matters, and it should be a priority for everyone in beauty. To be a conscious beauty brand, you must include all races, cultures, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, body types, and abilities. BC celebrates diversity across all areas—from their marketing visuals to in-house staff.

Sustainability: Conscious cleaning brands do everything in their power to make the most ethical choices across ingredients and packaging. Sustainable packaging is a very nuanced conversation, but we appreciate brands doing what they can to reduce waste and their impact on the environment. Using recycled materials or refillable packaging are just a few steps we love to see brands taking. Use FSC-certified cartons made with paperboard from responsibly managed forests. Boulder Clean is committed to no single-use plastic by 2025.

Ingredients and Ethical Sourcing: Boulder Clean uses the most ethical choices across ingredients. We Refuse to use over 2500 ingredients that are harmful to either our person or our environment. Our refuse to use list has grown over the last 7 years as ingredients have been created or recognized as harmful, and it will continue to evolve for the same reason. Our products bring our consumers the most effective natural home cleaning solutions possible with Safer Choice Certified chemistry.

Transparency: When it comes to each product we use, we want to know who makes it, what it does, when it was made, where the ingredients come from, and why the brand created it. Boulder Clean shares answers to these questions on our website to encourage free-flowing communication.

Impact: We want to spend money with brands making an impact outside of the cleaning industry. Some brands have committed to making a difference by using their platform to amplify causes connected to their values.

Brand Story: No one wants to support a brand with no personality or purpose. We prefer to champion brands that fulfill an undeniable need in their category and have a sincere founder at the helm. When a founder’s reason for starting their brand resonates with us, it allows us to establish a connection that extends beyond the products.

How Green is Your Clean?

Cleaning and doing laundry can sometimes expose us and the environment to unnecessary toxins. Traditional cleaning products and laundry detergents are filled with chemicals that can irritate the skin and respiratory system, while also causing harm to the environment when they are washed down into the sewer systems. Luckily, there are choices you can make to avoid these potentially harmful cleaning products to keep you and the earth safe.

How To Make Environmentally-Conscious Cleaning Choices

Buy safer Cleaning Products: Look for “Safer Choice” labels established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for products that have safer chemicals. There is also “Green Seal” certification which identifies the product as environmentally-friendly with natural ingredients.

With the right mindset and the right products, cleaning can become a treat rather than a chore.

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