How To Chill Out When You’re Feeling Cooped Up

FaceTiming coworkers, Zoom Conferencing from bed, making calls in the kitchen—for a lot of us, this is a new reality. In the hope of slowing the spread of COVID-19, many companies in the U.S. are encouraging employees to skip the office and work from home. So what does that really look like? Living in your pajamas sounds nice at first. But then the idea of being cooped up in a tiny apartment or your house with your kids starts to sink in and it all seems like a recipe for going stir-crazy.

Pushing yourself to be productive is one thing; figuring out how to move your body, take breaks, and wind down at the end of the day is another. So we rounded up a few simple tricks for beating the Work-From-Home Blues. These WFM hacks are the difference between stir-crazy and serenity.

Take a Walk

Make an extra effort to disconnect from your inbox. Toward the end of the day, pop out for a walk around your neighborhood. Some fresh air, a bit of stretching, and a solid hour of natural light can make a world of difference.

Try Meditating

Studies have shown that just one 15-minute meditation session can result in reduced stress, feeling calmer, and a decreased heart rate. Do it in the morning after breakfast or give it a go when you feel a lull in motivation coming on—it can reduce mind wandering and increase focus by 22 percent.

Become a List Person

As far as staying on track with tasks goes, writing out your to-dos is the easiest way to ensure you accomplish things on a daily basis. Keep them realistic by only focusing on achievable goals. Do this in your Google calendar or write them down in your day planner…nothing fancy or complicated.

Switch Spots During the Mid-Day Slump

Be mindful of changing up your environment. Going from a high table to an upright desk chair to a lounger will keep your mind active and alert, and it will also remind you to chill out every once in a while.

Create a Mood Board

There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Print and hang motivational quotes, scenic shots from a recent trip, recipes you want to try, or something that evokes your favorite hobby. Doing so will encourage you to step away from your screen and also get you thinking about all the plans you want to make once you’re back in the office and ready for a vacation—or staycation.

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