Interviews With An Expert #1: Breaking Down The Scary Sounding Ingredients

Breaking Down The Big Words:

Disarming A Few Seemingly Scary Ingredients

Just as Boulder Clean is committed to discovering smart solutions and using plant-based ingredients, we know it is equally important that you, as a consumer, can trust and understand our products.

We get it—if you look at the back of any cleaning product you might be confused or even a little concerned, when you see large, chemistry-based words that you can’t pronounce and have never heard of. Thats why, we want to be sure you know what our products are made of and how some of those scarier sounding ingredients actually work to safely clean and protect your home and family!


Methylisothiazolinone is an ingredient that can be found in several of Boulder Clean’s laundry, dish and surface care products. While it is certainly difficult to pronounce, it is actually a simple and safe preservative that helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria in our plant-based products. It ensures our products maintain their quality while on shelves and in your home. Methylisothiazolinone also helps to keep the other ingredients used, from breaking down or altering in term of appearance, effectiveness and even smell.

Methylisothiazolinone, like all of our ingredients, is both approved by the EPA and is Safer Choice certified.

Sodium Polyaspartate

At Boulder Clean we are committed to you and the planet, that means we only use safe, sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients like Sodium Polyasparate. Sodium Polyaspartate is a protein-based, biodegradable polymer that can be found in our laundry care products. Sodium Polyaspartate works as a soil suspension agent—to put it simply it helps to lift and release the dirt and grime that makes up your laundry’s toughest stains.

Hexylene Glycol

Hexylene Glycol is an organic solvent that is used in some of our cleaning products to increase solubility, it also acts as a de-foaming agent. Boulder Clean uses essential oils as fragrances in our cleaners, and as many know— oil and water don’t mix! Because these essential oils are not soluble in water, a little extra help from our friend Hexylene Glycol improves the oil’s solubility, and allows it to dissolve and disperse evenly in our products. The de-foaming properties come into play when the ingredients are being mixed and bottles are being filled. The Hexylene Glycol helps keep foam to a minimum—otherwise with too much foam you’ll have an uneven product mixture, and a tough time filling bottles full.

Want to know more about our ingredients?

While we are devoted to creating safe and eco-friendly products, we believe transparency is another one of Boulder Clean’s most important values. Boulder Clean is dedicated to being honest with our consumers about our products, how they’re made and how they work. To maintain product transparency, at the bottom of every product page you’ll find an ingredient list and a break down of how the ingredients work within each individual product.

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