Interviews With An Expert #2: Understanding The Disinfecting Line

Understanding Boulder Clean’s Disinfecting Line

Boulder Clean Is Committed To Discovering Smart Solutions And Using Plant-Based Ingredients.

With all the different germs, bacteria and viruses we face today, we know you need a reliable disinfecting line that will help keep your home safe and clean. At Boulder Clean we want you to be confident that you are using the best products with the best ingredients. So, we decided it’s time to bring in the professionals! We asked our top chemists to break down Boulder Clean’s Disinfecting Line, to help you understand what our disinfecting wipes and spray are made of and how those plant-based ingredients work to clean, deodorize and disinfect your dirty surfaces.

Disinfecting Spray 

What Is In Boulder Clean Disinfecting Spray?

Boulder Clean’s Disinfectant Spray’s effectiveness is based around its botanical active ingredient, Thymol, and is coupled with a unique combination of surface active agents to allow one step cleaning and disinfection. The formulation is free from alcohol, bleach, and quats providing you with the peace of mind and the performance needed for everyday use.

How Does Boulder Clean’s Active Ingredient—Thymol—Work?

Thymol is a constituent of thyme oil, a naturally occurring mixture of compounds in the plant Thymus vulgaris L., or Thyme, that has antimicrobial properties. Thymol’s disinfecting properties are due to its ability to interact with a microorganism’s membrane which can alter its permeability and cellular function. This interaction with the membrane can cause leakage resulting in inactivation, or death, microorganisms.

How Do The Ingredients In Boulder Clean’s Disinfectant Spray Protect Against Germs, Bacteria and Viruses Like COVID-19?

Boulder Clean’s Disinfectant Cleaner is specially formulated to maximize the power of thymol. The proprietary combination of surfactants act to effectively deliver the thymol to the microorganism for disinfection as well as to provide enhanced cleaning on the toughest of grime, all at the same time!  Boulder Clean’s Disinfectant Spray is a multi-purpose disinfectant that has powerful surfactants formulated at low levels to provide a streak, germ, virus and bacteria-free shine.

Disinfecting Wipes

What Is In Boulder Clean’s Disinfecting Wipes?

Boulder Clean’s Disinfecting Wipes are designed to harness the power of citrus in a safe and highly effective formulation. Citric acid is the active ingredient in our wipes. Citric Acid occurs naturally in plants and in animals, and is generally very safe for use. Citric acid is one of the eight active ingredients for use in antimicrobial products that qualify for the DfE (Designed for the Environment) logo. It is unique in its class based on its leading virus and bacteria kill times and unparalleled safety profile.

How Does Boulder Clean’s Active Ingredient—Citric Acid—Work?

Citric acid is a weak organic acid. In Boulder Clean’s disinfecting wipes, it is formulated with a proprietary surfactant package at an acidic pH to maximize product efficacy. The primary antimicrobial pathway is believed to be related to interactions with the extracellular membrane that disrupt cellular function resulting in the inactivation and death of the microorganism.

How Do The Ingredients In Boulder Clean’s Disinfecting Wipes Protect Against Germs, Bacteria and Viruses Like COVID-19?

Boulder Clean’s Disinfecting Wipes’ formulation combines a unique surfactant combination with citric acid to produce an amplified cleaning and disinfection experience, all in one step. The Disinfecting Wipe product has been thoughtfully designed to maximize the power of chemistry combined with a high-quality, biodegradable wipe material to give excellent cleaning performance and the level of disinfection for everyday used needed in today’s world and into the future.

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