Interviews With An Expert #6: What’s Up With Cleaning Tablets?

We’re Talkin’ Tablets

As we continue to grow and develop new products, like our Concentrated Cleaning Tablets, we want to make sure you know we are dedicated to giving your home the best, plant-based clean, possible.

We’ve asked the experts (our top tier chemists and product developers) to help you understand how our Cleaning Tablets work and why they are a more sustainable choice for cleaning.

How are we able to get all the “good stuff” that makes up our products into tiny tablets?

We are limited to only using ingredients available in powder form to create the tablets. Each ingredient is carefully selected for its specific cleaning prowess and combined in different ratios. We select the best combination which provides not only high cleaning performance, but a pleasant scent, and will dissolve easily in warm water.

How do our tablets differ from competitors, more importantly how are they better?

While some competitors are willing to sacrifice quality when it comes to product innovation, we are committed to incorporating only the highest-quality, plant-derived ingredients and fragrances to provide a noticeable clean and a pleasant odor, that is safe for you, your home and family! Additionally, we have submitted our tablets for third party testing, and the data results have shown that our cleaning tablets out-preform other brands in all areas, especially in efficacy.

How are our tablets sustainable?

We use only plant-derived and mineral based ingredients in our tablet formulations. While our tablet packaging uses a thin plastic layer to maintain tablet integrity and keep the tablet moisture-free, we do use 55% PCRM (post-consumer recycled material). Additionally, each time you choose to use refill tablets rather than buying a new bottle, you are helping to end the plastic spray bottle “use-and-discard cycle” that is plaguing landfills and our oceans! But, this is just the start of our product’s sustainability journey. As we continue to fight for the health of our planet and your home, we have made a company goal to become single-use plastic-free by 2027.

Do the tablet versions of our All-Purpose Cleaner, Glass + Surface Cleaner and Bathroom Cleaner work just as well as the pre-bottled versions we offer?

The simple answer is YES! Our All-Purpose Cleaner and Glass + Surface Cleaner tablets dissolve to create a cleaner that actually has higher performance than the pre-bottled versions we offer. While our Bathroom Cleaner Refill Tablets have out preformed leading competitor’s tablets in third party testing trials, we believe there is always room for growth and improvement! As our innovation team works on these products, they are always actively exploring the best ingredients that will make all of our tablets preform at the highest level possible.

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