Interviews With An Expert #8: All About Our Refillable Cleaning System

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Our new collection of products was specifically designed to keep your home clean and eliminate single-use plastic packaging, saving you money and space, while also saving the planet. It’s a refillable, reusable system. Durable glass bottles and concentrated cleaning tablets dissolve with tap water to form powerful, non-toxic cleaning solutions for every surface. Made without dyes or artificial fragrances, or animal ingredients our plant-based formulas are proven to work better than the leading brands.

We’ve asked the experts (our top tier chemists and product developers) to help you understand how our Cleaning Tablets work and why they are a more sustainable choice for cleaning.

Why did Boulder Clean create this new cleaning system?

Boulder Clean is invested in creating sustainable cleaning products. Tablets which can generate cleaning solutions allow us to provide products without water, which reduces weight and volume in transportation. This decreases the carbon footprint of delivering product into consumers homes. Tablet refill concentrates also eliminate the need for a new plastic bottle and trigger each time.

What are the environmental benefits of using one single glass bottle compared to our reusable plastic bottle?

Did you know people are more likely to recycle a glass bottle rather than its plastic counterpart. People are also more likely to reuse glass bottles for other household uses. By refilling and reusing one bottle, you are limiting the carbon footprint of shipping water and bubbles together. Not counting specialty cleaners, the average family uses 4 bottles of SCS (standard cleaning solution) per year. By using the 16oz refillable glass system you are omitting all the carbon emission as well as air pollution incurred to ship the 4 bottles every year—not to mention the impact from the manufacturing itself.

What is the shelf life of the glass bottle compared to the plastic single use cleaner?

The shelf life of a glass bottle, and the possibilities are essentially limitless. Without dropping, or breaking the glass it can be used over and over for decades. A plastic vessel breaks down overtime and endures wear and tear from scratches and cracks. Using a plastic container guarantees you will have to replace and rebuy that same container, over and over again. The 16oz refillable cleaning systems are reusable and high performance, meaning not having to sacrifice for sustainability. Live easy knowing no dangerous chemicals that would affect you or loved ones are present in the glass bottle or any part of the trigger.

Do the tablets ever expire or loose potency?

The tablets have a shelf life of over 2 years if the packet is left sealed, preventing any moisture to come in contact with the tablets. By using the refillable system you can lower your annual costs, carbon footprint, and overall plastic consumption.

Why does my cleaning / soap solution bubble while it’s dissolving?

The best way to describe it, is to try and imagine an old school, winner-of-the science-fair volcano experiment. The tablets are compromised of plant based organic cleaning agents, baking soda, and an acid. When the tablets react with warm water they start to breakdown, releasing the cleaning agents into the water causing the foam and bubbles to react and rise. Very similarly to the volcano you made in the elementary school science fair.

Do I need to use hot water?

Using warm water will best minimize how long you need to wait to have a tablet dissolve. Using cold or hot water is also okay, but we would recommend warm water.

Do I need to shake the bottle for the tablets to dissolve?

No! No need to shake the bottle, the tablets will dissolve entirely with warm water. Simply drop the tablets in the bottle, fill it up half way with warm water, and watch the tablets dissolve! Once the tablets have completely dissolved fill the bottle to the top and twist on the trigger.

How long will one bottle last? How many refill packs do I need?

The solution in our bottles should last you a similar length of time as a traditional cleaning spray bottle. How long one-bottle-worth of solution lasts depends on how often you clean and how much you use, often dependent on the size of your home and family. If you need more help on identifying which products you should purchase, please provide more information and we’ll do our very best to assist you! We hope to have you cleaning with us very soon!

Does the bottle have to be completely empty before refilling?

The bottle does not have to be completely empty before refilling, but it is recommended.  Adding water into a bottle which already has some remaining product can lead to the generation of much foam, which will leave less room for the necessary water to dissolve and can lead to overflow of foam when the tablet(s) is(are) put into bottle.  It is recommended to rinse out the bottle with warm water before refilling with water and new tablet(s). This will also prevent a tablet of different cleaner type form be added into different cleaning solution

How many times can I reuse the bottle?

The answer is limitless! Unless the bottle is damaged or broken you can continue to reuse the bottle for as long as desired.

Can I use a bottle I have at home?

A plastic bottle or glass bottle with trigger from your home can be used. However, size should be similar to that recommended for the tablet to ensure proper cleaning strength and performance.  Also, it is important that the bottle be thoroughly rinsed of previous product, so that no unwanted chemical reactions occur – this is an important safety requirement. In addition, the trigger should be placed into the bottle full of warm water and the trigger should be squeezed a minimum of ten times to remove all previous product from the trigger mechanism. CAUTION: Mixing different products is a safety hazard. Unwanted chemical reactions can produce hazardous chemicals.

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We’ve asked the experts (our top tier chemists and product developers) to help you understand how our Cleaning Tablets work and why they are a more sustainable choice for cleaning. Check out ‘What’s Up With Cleaning Tablets?‘ to learn about tablets, or feel free to browse some of the other topics below.

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