Interviews With An Expert #9: 2021 Unwrapped

2021 is wrapping up so quickly…we can’t believe where the time has gone!

We’ve complied every Interview with An Expert from 2021 to keep you informed on everything Boulder Clean from the past year, and wow has it been a year! We’ve asked the experts (our top tier chemists and product developers) to help you understand how our products work and why they are a more sustainable choice for cleaning.

Boulder Clean is proud to provide healthier, effective and safer alternatives to conventional home cleaning products. We aim to make families happier by creating clean, healthy home environments. That’s why In the past year we’ve covered everything from: disinfectant cleaners, sport laundry detergent and cleaning tablets, to more science based conversations such as, “Breaking Down Scary Sounding Ingredients”, “Plant Based Fragrances + Dyes”, “Why are We Plant Based”, and much more.

Decompress from the Holiday stress, curl up on the couch with your favorite blanket and get your read on. Whether you want to catch up about your favorite product, learn something new, convince the family to go plant-based, or discover a new product—we have it all. Click the links below to be directed to any one of our Interviews with an Expert.

Interview #1: Breaking Down the Scary Sounding Ingredients
Interview #2: Understanding the Disinfecting Line
Interview #3: A Closer Look at Our Laundry Detergents
Interview #4: Our Plant-Based Fragrances & Dyes
Interview #5: Why Are We Plant-Based?
Interview #6: What’s Up With Cleaning Tablets?
Interview #7: How Power Sport Laundry Tackles Your Toughest Odors
Interview #8: Learn All About Our Refill Cleaning System

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