It’s Time To Deep Clean Your Bedding

What Does It Actually Mean To Give Bedding A Deep-Cleaning And Keep Bacteria At Bay?

And how often should you really be washing? All while keeping it Plant based for your laundry loads?

For starters, don’t shove everything into one load, as tempting as that may be. We even suggest that you don’t mix in everyday things like towels and clothes. Putting fewer sheets into the washer allows the fabric to circulate. To help keep your bedding in its best shape, wash your top and fitted sheet once a week in warm water rather than hot, given the temperatures can weaken the fabric, and use small amounts of mild detergent like Boulder Clean Laundry Detergent to avoid discoloration.

When cleaning down items, run a cold rinse cycle twice to ensure that all of the soap has gone through the fabric thoroughly. You can wash mostly all comforters and duvet covers at home—even if they’re considered dry-clean only. Just make sure your machine doesn’t have an agitator, or has an agitator that can be removed (or else you’ll end up with lumps!) Things like fiber pillows can go right in the washer with warm water and a gentle cycle (front-loading machines are preferable) and tossed in the dryer on a low setting.

To properly store bedding, make sure you’re folding properly. A poorly folded fitted sheet (try saying that 5 times fast) can really go awry in your linen closet.

If your breakfast in bed went awry, pre-soak heavy stains with an oxygenated stain solution before tossing it in — we of course love Boulder Clean Oxi Pre-treat Spray.

Doing everything separately takes more time, but the payoff is worth it: It turns out that there’s a direct correlation between washing your sheets and better zzz’s, so drop the duster and unmake the bed.

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