Our Cleaning Tips + Tricks From 2019

Here it is, a round up of ALL our cleaning tips + tricks that we’ve shared on Instagram this year. We have a lot of fun finding and creating little hacks and our hope it’s made at least one of your daily cleaning chores slightly easier or more enjoyable. Like we always say at Boulder Clean, you should Play Hard. Clean Easy.

Cleaning Tip #1

Soak a cotton ball in essential oil and drop it into your trash bin (underneath the liner or bag) and don’t worry about holding your breath. Garbage stinks, but this trick helps!

Cleaning Tip #2

Cut a corner off your sponge to keep track of which one is used for dishes vs. walls, floors and other icky things you wouldn’t want to eat off of.

Cleaning Tip #3

Rubber Gloves are great at picking up pet hair! Forget lint rollers, but be sure to store your gloves in separate places or use different colors so you know which ones to use!

Cleaning Tip #4

Need something dry quick? Try throwing in a clean, dry towel with your wet items. As the dryer turns, the towel will pull moisture in speeding up your wait time in the process!

Cleaning Tip #5

Use your laundry basket for more than clothes. Go around the house collecting all the piles of misplaced objects. Then you can walk around with the basket putting everything back in its place. (PS: works great for stashing a mess when you have company coming over last minute)

Cleaning Tip #6

For an easy way to clean your blender, fill it half way with warm water and add a drop of dish soap (Ours comes in two scents: Valencia Orange or Green Apple). Turn your blender on and let it clean itself!

Cleaning Tip #7

Skip dish drying racks that take up too much space on your counter. Instead, use your dishwasher racks (they hold more anyways)

Cleaning Tip #8

Use a butter knife and a microfiber cloth to clean air vents. For stubborn grime, dampen the cloth with a few sprays of Boulder Clean All Purpose Cleaner. Remember, the HVAC controls your indoor air quality!


Cleaning Tip #9

With leftover lemons, pop them in an ice cube mold and freeze with water. Once frozen, toss them into the disposal. Run the sinks cold water over the opening, and turn on the disposal to let it grind. The ice, lemon juice and rind will all help to freshen and clean your disposal, removing particles that can clog and muck up your sink!

Cleaning Tip #10

If you’re seeing water spots or your dishes aren’t coming out clean, your dishwasher may be dirty! For an easy clean, run a cycle without dishes using a cup of white wine vinegar where you’d normally fill the detergent. If you suspect it’s still dirty, run another short cycle with a cup of baking soda. Repeat as often as necessary.

Cleaning Tip #11

Dishes aren’t going to stack themselves and there is a correct way to do it! Position the dishes so they’re properly spaced and facing the center of the unit, where the valve is located. Place cups around the tones, not on them; and make sure spoons and other utensils are arranged so they aren’t resting on top of one another.

Cleaning Tip #12

A wet toilet brush is a breeding ground for bacteria! Instead of just dropping your wet brush into the holder, set it across the seat so it can drip-dry over the bowl before putting it away for good.


If you’ve enjoyed our cleaning tips + tricks, let us know on Facebook and Instagram. Have a favorite tip? Let us know!

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