All-Purpose Refill Cleaning Tablets – 28oz

All-Purpose Refill Cleaning Tablets – 28oz


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Our All-Purpose Cleaning Tablets allow you to refill your all-around-the-house cleaner by reusing an existing spray bottle instead of purchasing a new one every time. Simply add 28-32 ounces of water to a reusable spray bottle, drop in the tablets and you’re off to a clean house. Our concentrated tablets contain powerful and effective ingredients like traditional pre-diluted spray cleaners—just without the added plastic waste or harsh chemical ingredients.

Feel good about the products you use. Every time you buy a packet of cleaning tablets, you save a plastic bottle from the landfill. It’s the perfect cleaning solution for you and every surface in your home.


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April N.

Works great – don’t love scent

Works great. I want this product to be fragrance free. It is not good for health to have scented products. Also each product has its own competing scent:

Renee M.

Tough on everything!

The tablets have a good smell and leaves everything squeaky clean!

Debbie L.

Good Cleaner

Always like using the product. Gets up grease and grim easily—and the smell is pleasant!

Lori G.

Plastic Free

Really fun watching the tablets dissolve and turn in to a cleaning solution. It works really well on several different surfaces, nice to have a product that works all in one, instead of having to buy multiple different cleaners. My husband has even started cleaning around the house more because of how fun and interactive the process is. I never thought I would thank my cleaning supplies company for getting my husband to clean around the house, what a game changer!

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