Reusable Plastic Cleaning Bottle – 28oz

Reusable Plastic Cleaning Bottle – 28oz


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Our reusable 28 ounce bottle makes sprucing up all your surfaces easier than ever. You can refill over and over again with our 28 oz All-PurposeGlass + SurfaceBathroom refill tablets, or our bulk refills. This bottle is with you for the long haul—simply fill and dive into your sustainable clean routine.

Switching from single-use, to reusable bottles is one of the simplest ways to be environmentally conscious everyday.


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How To Use

1. Fill this 28 oz bottle, a little more than half way, with warm water.
2. Drop in tablets and wait for fizz to slow.
3. Fill remainder of bottle and allow tablets to dissolve fully.
4. Re-attach spray cap.
5. Use cleaner as directed.

1. Fill this 28 oz bottle with cleaning solution from your 1 gallon bulk refill.
2. Use cleaner as directed.

Ingredients - How They Work +

Boulder Clean Reusable Plastic Cleaning Bottle - 28oz SDS. Ingredients may include those found at


Madelyn D.

just OK

Bottle leaks from spray nozzle…drips.

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