Refresh Your Office

If you’re feeling unmotivated or uninspired when you sit down to work, then you know it’s time to refresh your workspace and switch up your surroundings. With the start of the new year, now is a great time to refresh your office space. We have all the tips and advice to reinvigorate your space and your state of mind. A good re-organization can be as simple as clearing your computer desktop and changing your background image, to completely re-arranging the furniture in your office. This is especially needed since many of us are now working from home full time.

Upgrade your desk and its accessories

Think about it—you probably spend at least 40 hours a week at or near your desk, so why not spruce it up to make it feel more like you? An office environment shouldn’t be merely functional. Having a vibrant, aesthetically pleasing place to work can provide a sense of energy and help boost productivity. Let your space reflect your personality. Personalize it with what brings you joy, those little things that make you happy and that you want to look at. It could be picture frames, the right stapler, or even a beautiful notepad.

Standing Desk

It’s time to say goodbye to the makeshift work station on the kitchen table, and upgrade your work environment. Standing desks not only work as a multi-function tool but are adjustable in height, so you can alternate between sitting and standing. It has been proven standing desks are beneficial for your physical health and increase productivity throughout the work day—leaving you with a sense of accomplishment after everyday.

Desk Pads

Desk Pads provide a safe and protective writing surface. Not only will they protect your desk, but they will give structure to your whole workspace. Desk pads can also help work wonders on office and desk area clutter by bringing visual structure, organization, and eliminating the need for excess accessories. The benefit is an optimized workspace, improved work, and a protected desk. After seeing the functional boundaries and zones they create, you’ll wonder how you ever worked without one.

Desk Accessories

The little things in life often make you the happiest, even when it comes to your desk. Add some small accessories to brighten your mood and put a smile on your face when you use them. Office desk accessories are a good way to reflect each person’s personal style and make a space feel unique. From writing on a crisp, blank page in a quality leather notebook, a trip down memory lane with a photograph of your friends or family, or showing off your sense of style with a matching stapler set. Colorful office supplies can liven things up. Choose items like file folders, organizing trays, pens and sticky notes within your color and design scheme to help your personality shine through.


Illuminate your desk with a new LED light. Adding a softly lit desk lamp into your space can increase productivity and calm those work day nerves. Appropriate lighting can even physically reduce eye fatigue and headaches throughout the day. Ditch the traditional bright light bulbs for a more eco-friendly and natural option. This desk lamp comes with a USB port built directly into it so you can stay charged and connected all through the day.

Declutter and clean your desktop for a fresh start

Clutter is distracting, and with new goals in focus, it’s important to start fresh! We often forget to throw away useless papers after projects are complete. Clear your mental and physical space by letting go of documents that aren’t important anymore. The new year is the perfect time to review the overflowing stack of paperwork that sits on your desk and clutters your desk drawers. Take your time and go through your work space, file cabinets, backpack, and laptop bag. Grab some decorative file folders and file away any 2021 documents that you may need later on and recycle anything that you won’t need moving forward.

Don’t forget to declutter digitally as well. Few things are as beautiful to behold as a fully-organized inbox. Turn on a juicy podcast while you archive old emails and move any unnecessary files to an external hard drive.

Wipe away the dust bunnies on your desk, then use a microfiber cloth to give your computer screen a good wipe-down. Your monitor will be fresh from fingerprints and annoying smudges. Next, get rid of pesky germs and bacteria that build up throughout the winter season. Use disinfecting wipes and scrub your desk, top to bottom. You can avoid the harsh chemical smell with our scented wipes that leave a fresh sugared lemon aroma.

Spruce Up Your Space

Decorate with objects that spark your appreciation—that can stimulate brain waves, making you feel calmer and less stressed. That way, you are more willing to be in your office for eight or more hours a day to complete your work. Ultimately, this will make you more productive, boost creativity and keeps your space refreshed and exciting.

Wall Art

Give yourself a reason look up from your computer and smile. It’s proven that working in a space surrounded by artwork leads to an increase in creativity. Not to mention, if you’re meeting with clients, it makes your space feel more welcoming and professional. Fill your space with artwork, photography, or other decorative features that add personality to your office. Decorate your walls with these lively Watercolor Burst Prints. Intricate spiral patterns are painted in neutral tones of black, white and gray which can be framed. They’re great on their own or grouped together.

Decorative Soft Pillows

Soft pillows represents the epitome of comfort. Grabbing a few pillows for your space can provide physical support on your back while you work, and mental support while you take a break during the day. Adding decorative pillows to the seating in your office — be it a sofa, a chair, or a wood bench — creates a welcoming, warming, and overall fun atmosphere. Think outside the box and add some unique and colorful throw pillows to brighten the mood while you work. As an added bonus they offer a bit of texture and diversity to your room daily.

Pro tip: Add some plant-based soy candles to up the cozy factor and help you feel more relaxed at your desk.

Bring in natural elements

Nature can instantly make us feel more inspired and see things with a different perspective. If you can’t take breaks to work outside for a few hours of the workday, bring the outside in. Plants, specifically, have a restorative effect on the brain, and can boost concentration levels and attention capabilities. Studies have shown they actually can increase worker productivity by 15%. Our little green friends also decrease stress levels, make us more motivated, and can help clean the air around us. And that’s something we can all get behind. Succulents are low-maintenance plants that are perfect for workspaces, and you can choose one in a colorful pot that goes with your palette. If you don’t have a green thumb, have no fear: You can always have the alternative of adding faux plants to your work space to gain the same effect.

Upgrade Your Monitor

It’s important to have a good quality monitor that is efficient and reliable.You want to get the most out of your screen, from graphics, processing speed, and other important technical details that can make or break your experience. Bad monitor quality can have a negative impact on your eyes, affecting productivity and overall efficiency throughout the day.

Invest in a Quality Chair

Cheap uncomfortable chairs can have you staring at the clock counting down the hours until 5 PM. Quality office chairs are designed to support your body comfortably for the long haul. An ergonomic and adjustable office chair reduces chronic back, hip and leg strain associated with being seated for long periods of time. They even increase blood flow as you sit. This naturally helps you work more efficiently and productively throughout the day. When you invest in a quality chair it may be the last chair you ever have to buy.

Keep Reaping The Benefits

Once you have added some flair to your workspace, consider periodic updates — perhaps once or twice a year. Swap out your photos, add some new color to your accessories, and otherwise continue to enhance your surroundings. By keeping your space fresh, you’ll be able to keep reaping the energizing benefits of surrounding yourself with style details that provide the support you need to do your best work.

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