Resolutions For A Cleaner New Year In 2021

2021 Outlook: Fresh & Clean!

2021 marks the start of a fresh, clean, slate for us all! While you might be making goals to get fit, learn a new hobby, or travel, make sure you’re also setting (and sticking to) resolutions for your home! Staying clean and organized all year long will ultimately help make your home feel happier and healthier!

Need a few home resolutions, but not sure where to start? We’ve put together a list of resolutions that are easy to stick with and will keep your home in tip top shape year round!

1. Spend 10 Minutes Tidying Every Night

Set a timer on your phone for 10 minutes before you settle in for the night. Tidy your room and as much of the house as you can. You’ll find that by doing this every night your whole house will stay cleaner for longer.

2. One In, One Out

Keep the clutter to a minimum. Each time you buy something new for your home be it a blanket or dishes, you should try to get rid of a similar item. If the item is still usable, donate it. If it’s broken, hole-y, chipped or stained, either find a way to repurpose it or toss it. If you’re getting rid of an item, make sure you keep the planet in mind! Before just throwing it in the trash, do a quick google search to see if there is a way to recycle it, somewhere specific you need to take it or a proper way to dispose of it.

3. Make Your Bed—Every. Single. Day.

Making your bed daily, will encourage you to keep the rest of your room tidy. It also sets you up for a more organized and productive day. And, let’s be honest having a made bed just looks and feels better.

4. Do The Dishes Every Night, No Excuses!

If you already have the bad habit of leaving dishes in the sink, this might be a hard one, but we cannot stress this enough, do those dishes! We promise you’ll sleep better knowing you don’t have a pile of dishes to deal with in the morning. Leaving dirty dishes to sit only lets food harden longer, making them more difficult to clean. Plus a pile of dirty, food filled dishes is essentially an open invitation for bugs and other unwanted friends.

5. Hang Or Fold Any Clothes You Have Out At The End Of Each Day

At end of the day, don’t just toss your clothes on an empty chair, or even worse the floor! This clothes pile, is guaranteed to grow until it’s out of control. At the end of each day, take 5 minutes to hang your coats, put your socks in the laundry basket, and fold those jeans that you only wore during a quick run to the store.

6. Deep Clean Once A Month

Forget deep cleaning once or twice a year—make a habit of deep cleaning once a month! If you deep clean your house once a month, each cleaning session will be short and easy, unlike those grueling all day, once a year sessions you dread! Vacuum those rugs, and couches. Scrub your appliances inside and out, dust from the top down, and hit those baseboards! If you can only stick to one clean home resolution, this should be it… we guarantee you’ll thank us later!

7. Go Green!

It’s 2021, and now more than ever we should all be making an effort to take better care of our planet. The best way to start living a greener lifestyle is to make small changes where you can. One way you can make a small positive change, is to make the swap to eco-friendly cleaning products. Boulder Clean products are not only non-toxic, but they also harness the earth’s most powerful plant-based ingredients to give you a clean that is kinder to your home and the planet!

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