Our team is committed to protecting the planet and that means protecting all of its people. We prioritize equity and inclusion among our teams and we welcome, celebrate and champion all backgrounds in our community.

Steve Savage

Founder, CEO
Steve is a thought leader of 30+ years in finding ways to disrupt the status quo and increase awareness around the relationship between environmentalism and natural products. He is a committed conservationist and entrepreneur who is continually searching for new ways to offer effective, innovative and affordable “green” products.

Mary Beth D'agosta

VP of Sales
Mary Beth is Boulder Clean's Vice President of Sales. With over 15 years of experience working with eco-minded brands, she is passionate about educating customers on the benefits of clean chemicals and empowering them to feel they are making a difference in their daily choices. When she's not working with our customers, you can find MB running on her local trails, on her mountain bike, or seeing live music.

Cara Chiarello

VP of Marketing and Creative
With 19+ years experience in branding, packaging, marketing, product development and copywriting, Cara is passionate about bringing brands to life. She brings together vision, grit and collaboration to develop kick-ass design campaigns that are engaging, effective and drive growth.

Scott Wegs

Purchasing + Supply Chain Manager


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