The Case For Cleaning Tablets

It’s no secret that pollution is a significant problem worldwide. One of the main culprits is plastic. According to Global Citizen, more than one million plastic bottles are purchased every minute worldwide, but only 9% of those plastics are recycled. And yes, that includes your run-of-the-mill cleaning products….more specifically, the bottles they come in.

Enter Cleaning Tablets

Safe, cleaning concentrates in the form of dissolvable tablets—that actually work—minus all the additional packaging. Each tablet, the size of a dime, comes formulated for various areas of your home. They make sustainable cleaning breeze and cut down on your environmental footprint in several ways. First, instead of repeatedly buying new ready-to-use cleaners packaged in single-use plastic bottles, you only need one reusable bottle to mix cleaning tablets. But that’s not all. Cleaning tablets cut down on packaging and shipping, and the carbon emitted during the packaging and shipping processes. Most cleaning products are predominately water-based, but we can get that water from the tap in our home. It doesn’t make much sense to keep shipping water worldwide. By comparison, shipping small, concentrated tablets in compostable packaging is far more efficient and better for the environment. Every time you refill your glass bottle, you eliminate the need for another plastic bottle to be made (thus preventing plastic waste from ending up in our oceans and landfills). Are you convinced yet?

Do Tablets Work as Well as Traditional Cleaners?

“Less is more” for a clean home—and a cleaner environment. There is mighty cleaning power in these small tablets. When combined with water, the concentrated tablets dissolve to make cleaning solutions just as effective as the ones you purchase in bottles. After all, if they don’t clean well, nothing else matters. Tablets simply reimagine conventional household cleaning products. Yet, they also eliminate single-use plastic packaging, and save consumers money and space while also saving the planet.

While some competitors are willing to sacrifice quality when it comes to tablet production, we are committed to incorporating only the highest-quality, plant-derived ingredients and fragrances to provide a powerful clean and a pleasant scent. Our cleaning tablets have been proven by independent third party labs to be more effective against the leading brands.

How Do the Tablets Transform into a Cleaning Solution?

Simply drop two tablets (one packet) into a refillable glass bottle and fill about half way with warm tap water to activate the tablets and form the cleaning solution. Allow a few minutes for the tablets to dissolve before topping off with the remaining water. Replace the trigger once the effervescence has stopped, and start spraying away dirt, dust and grime!

Are Cleaning Tablets Safe?

The quick and simple answer is YES! Our cleaning tablets are an easier, more environmentally friendly and cleaner alternative. Our proprietary formulations are ingenious combinations of

plant and mineral-derived ingredients created to be safe, green products to use around kids and pets, with nice natural scents that won’t stick to your hands, and bottles you can leave on the counter without cringing. They are made without dyes, artificial fragrances, phosphates and petroleum-based ingredients, VOC’s.

More Bang For Your Buck

While some may argue the cost for the concentrated dissolvable cleaning tablets is high — they aren’t. Sure, there is an upfront cost to purchase a reusable bottle, but that cost is minimal (or you can use a bottle you already have), and the refills for these eco-friendly cleaning tablets are relatively cheap compared to their mainstream counterparts. Refill packs are $1.99 and each cleaner comes in its own delightful scent from mint to orange.

Refillable Kit

By now, you should be convinced to at least give cleaning tablets a try. The BCLEAN Starter Kit has everything you need to give your home the TLC it needs—from your bathroom tile, to your kitchen counters, to your mirrors. The kit includes a packet each of all-purpose, bathroom, and glass cleaning tablets. Your initial set also comes with what we call everlasting bottles -three of them- that are labeled and color-coded, so there’s no mixing up the bathroom cleaner with the glass cleaner. The stylish, reusable glass bottles are with you for the long haul—simply refill (and refill)! And our planet certainly doesn’t need the plastic empties.

Join us in cutting back on plastic consumption and reducing our contribution to the overabundance of plastic waste in the environment. Dive into a new, sustainable cleaning routine.

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